Junmai-Daiginjo made with spring water from Mt. Fuji

"VANQUISH-Seifukusha" is brewed at "Fujimasa-Shuzo", a brewery that has been in business in the township of Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture since the Keiou era.

"VANQUISH-Seifukusha" is made exclusively from the "king of sake rice," superior quality "Yamada-Nishiki" rice grown in Hyogo Prefecture, together with spring water from Mt Fuji. This water, which takes some 30 years to rise to the surface, is filtered to give it an even softer finish. "VANQUISH-Seifukusha" is one of Japan's top-ranking Junmai-Daiginjo types of sake.

The delicious flavor and fragrance of the rice stand out in contrast to this sake's sweet and sour fruity taste. "VANQUISH-Seifukusha" is also distinctive for its pleasantly finished aftertaste.

We have been particular about creating a sake that will taste delicious not only to seasoned sake-lovers, but also to those who are new to sake.

Enjoy sake in a chic, stylish way
Three styles of wooden Masu sake cups presented in a new design sensibility

With an interest in Masu, Japan's wooden sake cups that used to serve as one of the country's traditional utensils, and working to carry on the techniques and traditions associated with them, these "Ohashi-Ryoki" sake cups are presented as stylish kinds of Masu, suited to today's lifestyles. The special models of these chic sake cups come in three types, each engraved with a dog and the character 渋, standing for Shibuya, VANQUISH's home base. Create a lively drinking party together with "VANQUISH-Seifukusha".

Shibu Apollo wine

In a form reminiscent of the Apollo spacecraft that journeyed into out space, the mouth of this sake cup has been kept narrow in order to prevent the fragrance from escaping, just as is done with wine glasses. Shibu Apollo wine also serves as a chic accessory container or small bowl.

Shibu suichoko

Triangular sake cups made in the image of the cups that were used by the generals of the Sengoku period. This simple form, which was born from traditional techniques, is an "Ohashi-Ryoki" masterpiece and winner of the 2011 Good Design Award.

Shibu Sla set of sake bottle and cups

This is a sake bottle and cups set with the mouth designed on an angle so as to make the sake easier to pour and easier to drink. This unique form has been achieved with both design and ease-of-use in mind, and will create a lively drinking party.

A business of long standing operating since the Keiou era, "Fujimasa-Shuzo" is the closest sake brewery to Mt. Fuji.

Since its founding in 1866 (year 2nd of the Keiou era), "Fujimasa-Shuzo" has been making sake rooted at the foot of Mt. Fuji in the township of Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture.
We are committed to brewing sake with a new sensibility and dedication inherited from our predecessors but not bound by tradition.